Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Friday's Hunt 3/4/2016

I'm joining Teresa at Eden Hills for Friday's Hunt again this week. The prompts this week are Starts with J, A Cuppa, and Week's Favorite.

It's been pretty crazy around here this past couple of weeks, both my does kidded and we have FIVE baby goats running around the goat pen! I have to give Teresa a TON of credit for everything she does. I only have two does, one buck, and five kids so it makes me REALLY appreciate how much effort she puts into caring for her lovely goaties. :)

Jeanette had triplets on Sunday, February 21st and Daphne had twins on Wednesday, February 24th. We have three bucklings and two doelings. Both moms and all the kids are doing great.

Daphne has a very pendulous udder and the kids were having trouble nursing so I have been milking her and bottle-feeding them...Four...Times...A...Day. I really don't mind but it does make it hard to be gone for very long so daytrip horse rides have been put on hold for awhile.

Seeing the babies fills me with JOY and this collage is my Week's Favorite.

The top left photo is of the two little doelings, Amie (left) and Colette. The bottom left photo is of the two bottle babies, Colette (left) and Bubba. The larger photo is of my darling Colette. She is purebred Alpine and I do believe she is a keeper.

It is hard to find Alpines here in Beautiful Southeastern Arizona, most folks have Nubians. I prefer the Alpines mostly because they are quieter and I like their calmer personalities. I was thrilled to find a purebred Alpine buck last fall and even more thrilled when Jerry agreed to let me buy him! He had always said "No bucks, they are too stinky!" But he has watched me struggle to find an Alpine buck to breed my girls to over the years and he agreed. Remy did a good job, the kids are beautiful! Here is a picture of Remy from last September when we got him. He was only six-months-old at the time.

That's it from me this week, I have blathered on long enough! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the healthy, beautiful babies! Yea for Colette! She is lovely. Those Nubians are quite loud. Glad you have a buck that you can keep. it does make it easier. So glad you found time to join Friday's Hunt.

Alica said...

I just love goats! They have such personalities!

Tom said...

goats aplenty

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