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Lazy J Bar C

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Photo - Winter's Bounty

Today, I would like to share a picture of some of the beautiful winter produce that I have recently picked up at the Farmer's Market, been gifted from my friend's garden and harvested from our garden. This is part of our ongoing effort to try to eat locally and to include more in-season produce.

Linking up to Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday with Jan at Murrieta 365 and Your Sunday Best with Nancy at A Rural Journal.


Kristina said...

Looks delicious. I can't wait for garden goodies this summer.

Carolyn said...

Oh, my, YUMMY!
Thanks for the picture....I need to see something GREEN!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

That produce looks great!

TexWisGirl said...

you made it art!

LindaG said...

I'm jealous of your Brussels sprouts! Mine didn't fill out this year. :/

Happy Sunday!

Candy C. said...

I do prefer the summer garden produce!

Carolyn Renee,
You are welcome! :)

Thanks! :)

Candy C. said...

Thanks, that's what I was trying for!

Well...I bought those at the Farmer's Market yesterday, I have never even tried growing them! :)

Alica said...

I recognize everything except for the purple leaves on the bottom right...what are they?

Mary Ann said...

Unbelieveable for mid winter!

Nancy C said...

The greens look so good! Fresh from the garden tastes so much better than from the store.

Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best. :)

Anonymous said...

great composition of fantastic fresh veggies

Sharon said...

I see that you are using your camera, and enjoying it. I wish that I had some fresh produce out of the garden. I do have Yukon Gold potatoes still in storage, and they are really good. Enjoy our fresh food.

Robyn said...

Coming to your house for supper! Looks delicious, Candy.

I will bring the Whole Wheat Molasses bread I made yesterday.

Cheryl said...

One look at this and I'm starving!

Unknown said...

Looks great! Throw in some bacon and garilc and cook it up!

3rnigerians said...

YUM! I wish I was there to taste all that yummy fresh goodness. Have a great week ahead Candy.

Candy C. said...

That is my ornamental kale, it is very tasty besides being pretty!

Mary Ann,
Only in Arizona! ;-)

Fresh is definitely so much better!

Candy C. said...


I'm enjoying my camera very much!

It would surely be a looong trip but come on down! LOL!!

Candy C. said...

It does look appetizing!

Oohh, bacon and garlic, YUM!!


Jen said...


Teresa said...

Lovely picture. It's nice that you have so much in season right now. Not so much here in Iowa.

SweetLand Farm said...

Yummy! We try to eat what is in season as well. Ever read the book "Animal, Vegetable, Miricle" By Barbara Kingsolver? Great book and read. I was even more inspired to eat what is in season a few years ago after reading it. We try to eat local too, buying what is around us, rather from California. Tastes better seeing how we are all the way across the country from there!

Candy C. said...


We are lucky here in Arizona with our growing season.

SweetLand Farm,
I have not yet read that book but have heard many wonderful things about it! It is on my "list."

Kateri said...

Such beautiful looking fresh vegetables!