Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We went to Jerry's sister's for Christmas day and had a lovely time! Jerry's mom was there too and we had ham, beans, pasta salad, homemade rolls, goat cheese and crackers, and homemade pickles and deviled eggs, YUMMY! Heck, I could have gotten by on the cheese, crackers, pickles and deviled eggs! :) There was quite a bit of ham left over so everyone got to take some home. It was a spiral sliced ham and Jerry's sister and mom took the precut slices which left me with the HAM BONE!! :)

The latest issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine has several recipes using a ham bone and they call the article "Nothin' but a ham bone." I thought that was pretty cute! I got enough meat off of the "bone" for five meals for the two of us plus there is still enough meat on the bone to cook up with a big pot of beans. WOO-HOO!! I just love it when I can get frugal, especially with food!

Any good leftovers at your house?


Susan said...

Yes! We had a lovely ham, too, courtesy of my friend's Tamworths. However, I - being the good daughter I am - relinquished the bone to my mother. Sob.

Anonymous said...

No leftovers hoo! he he! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

No leftovers at our house. I was gone and J ate at his Mom's part of the time. "Bachelor food" does not make for many leftovers at our house.

Oh, how fun it would be to make baked beans or soup with a ham bone!

Congrats on the new camera.


Unknown said...

Lukcily I bought a spiral ham for chrsitmas night, before the flu hit :) Sent 1/2 with the kids, but have lots left! Oh, bisquits! Gotta make some...

Carolyn said...

I LOVE leftovers! And am coveting your ham Mom promised me hers from Christmas dinner, but I have yet to lay hands on it. Dreams of Pea Soup floating in my head!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy those leftovers, Candy! Leftovers are a rare thing around here.... but I do manage to come up with a ham bone every now and then! :o)

SweetLand Farm said...

I had some leftovers but I left them over at my moms! So they got them all. I don't count all the chocolate and junk food.

Candy C. said...

Homegrown ham...I'm SOOO jealous!!

Boo-hoo for sure!

I'm thinking split pea soup with the ham bone! I'm enjoying the new camera! :)

Candy C. said...

The flu is never good but especially not at Christmas! Hope you are feeling better!

Carolyn Renee,
Ha! Great minds think alike...split pea soup! :)

I'll bet you really enjoy leftovers when you can get them!

SweetLand Farm,
What a bummer about "losing" your leftovers! :(

Unknown said...

Feeling 100%, made bisquits to go with my ham tonite!

Candy C. said...

So glad you are feeling well! :)

Kristina said...

I have a few ham bones too. However, I think I forgot to renew my magazine. Yikes!

Candy C. said...

Uh-oh! Better get your renewal sent in Farmgirl!! :)