Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday's Tails, #6

We said goodbye to the Barred Rock hens last week. One of our friends said he would take them when he found out that we wanted to find them a new home in the spring. He gave away his hens a couple of years ago because he was having some health issues and is now ready to have some chickens around again. Our enclosure for the chickens has already been expanded twice but it was just too small for 22 chickens! The Peeper People, at 12 weeks old, are now as big as the full-grown Barred Rocks! It was time for them to go to their new home; besides, I was only getting about six eggs a week. We ate the last four for breakfast this morning. :(

One of the two Roo boys, they are both VERY nice so far!

I did keep my Aracuna, Dolores. She was one of my first chickens. Here she is getting ready to roust the young girls out of their dust bath.

The Peeper People have not been going into the chicken coop yet. With the nicer weather Monday, Jerry cleaned out the old straw and put some new down. Their curiosity seems to be getting the better of them or maybe it just doesn't smell like the Barred Rocks anymore! ;-) 

"Are you REALLY sure we are allowed to come in here?!?"

"So far so good, maybe just a little farther in."

Here comes a third! Maybe by tonight they will all be sleeping in the hen house!


TexWisGirl said...

glad you were able to find a good home for your excess hens!

Carolyn said...

Nice that you had a place for your Barred Rocks to go (other than in the stew pot)!

I'm going to have to start training our newer peepers to go into the "Big Girl" coop because I'm going to need their current place for kidding season, which is just a month & a half away!

Hope everyone gets along in your Peeper Palace!

Susan said...

The Peeper People are so lovely. I had the chance to actually stand and watch my hens this weekend - they are so much fun. I hope they are all in their new digs now.

SweetLand Farm said...

Nice looking bunch of hens. I always hate it when they stop laying, and I have to feed hens AND buy eggs.
These pictures with your new camera?

Candy C. said...

Me too, that was a big concern for me!

Carolyn Renee,
I guess I just need to go down after dark and put them in there and close the door! LOL!!

Candy C. said...

I know, it's such fun to just watch them! Jerry even likes to be down there and just listen to the "chicken noises!" :)

SweetLand Farm,
With all my bread baking, I've been buying eggs for awhile now. :(
Yep, these pics are with the new camera!

Alica said...

We had Barred Rock hens for our first chickens...that's them on my little Blogger picture! :)

dr momi said...

Looks to me like the Peeper People L-i-k-e it. No bossy hens around I'm sure they'll move right in :-)

Candy C. said...

I love your little picture, the hens posed so prettily! :)

It is certainly quieter in the chickens' yard now that the bossy girls are gone and not picking on my babies! LOL!!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I wish you knew me a little's get a big laugh.....I am scared to death of poultry! :)

Thanks for all your wonderful and kind comments. I'm enjoying your blog!


Teresa said...

The fresh straw is a wonderful incentive! They certainly look happy.

Candy C. said...

If ever there were some chickens you would like, it would be these! They are very friendly! :)

I was hoping they would like the new straw and they do!

Unknown said...

I love your chicken pics, cute! Have you tried the "deep litter" method? Info on-
It's great for keeping the smell down...

Candy C. said...

I usually do that in the hen house but wanted to clean it out for the new chickens and let them make it their own.