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Thursday, March 1, 2012

First of the Month - March

I'm joining Jan at Murrieta 365 for her First of the Month meme all this year. Here are the ground rules per her site: "The goal is to capture one thing repeatedly on the first of each month. It can be a landscape, a person, an animal, a project; whatever your focus is, is fine. It can even be a record of where you are each First of the Month."
I am focusing on my Alpine doe, Abigail, and her first pregnancy and kidding. She is due to kid the middle of April. I never think there is much difference in how she looks until I go back and look at the post for last month! This time, I thought I would let Abigail fill you in on how she is doing. :)

"A girl needs to keep her strength up when she is pregnant by eating lots of yummy hay! I get my goat cereal too for the extra protein and vitamins."

"My belly is getting so big that I have trouble getting up from my mid-morning nap and I'm starting to waddle when I run! Don't laugh, it's not nice!"

"Can you see my "baby bump" on the right? Candy is hoping that I only have one kid since this is my first time being pregnant."

"Dang, it's really getting hard to get my hoof up there to scratch that itch!"

"That's it for this month! I hope you come visit me again at the beginning of April, by then I should be HUGE! I don't want to be huge but Candy and my maaa keep telling me it's going to happen."


dr momi said...

This will be fun to watch!

LindaG said...

Looking really good! :)

Candy C. said...

dr momi,
I hope so, she is a sweet girl and I hope she is a good maaa.

She is looking good! :)

TexWisGirl said...

awww. suddenly i feel very full...

Jan said...

This will be fun for me, a city girl, to watch.

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

I love prego goats. My boyfriends mom has a lamancha with crazy horns. I think it's hilarious when she whips her head around to deliberately scratch an itch.

Carolyn said...

This would also be good for NEXT years pregnancy so you can "try" to gauge how many kids are in there! Don't forget to take pics of her udder too!!

Michaele said...

Her babies should be marked very nice. I always hope for more than one, since one is usually quite big. Good luck : )

Michelle said...

She is really pretty. The last picture she looks like she is smiling.

Jen said...

She is such a pretty girl. Cant wait to see her baby or babies. I've got to get my 1st of the month up, I've had so much to blog about lately I cant keep up, lol.

Amy Dingmann said...

Love those eyes in the last picture.:) Sure will be fun to watch a year with that darlin'!

Clint Baker said...

I am glad we get to watch with you1

Candy C. said...


It's fun to learn about country life! :)

I know! When they scratch their backs with their horns it makes me wish I had horns! LOL!!

Candy C. said...

Carolyn Renee,
Good point! It will be nice to have a photo record. :)

I didn't think about one being bigger, now I'm hoping for two!

She does look like she's smiling!

Candy C. said...

I was late getting mine up too!

Mama Tea,
It will be fun seeing what kind of a mom she is!

Thanks! :)

homegrown countrygirl said...

Abigail is such a good talker! And your new header is really charming!

Kateri said...

She is a beautiful goat. Looking forward to the cute little kid!

Candy C. said...

homegrown countrygirl,
Being half Nubian, Abigail really is a talker sometimes! LOL!!

Thanks! :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Awwww! Many Blesings!

Teresa said...

You're looking good Abigail! I can't wait to see your adorable kid(s).

Jan AKA Wammy said...

I am so looking forward to watching her thru this! Fun for me, probably not so fun for her.

Faye said...

Glad things are going well for you Abigail! This first pregnancy is probably very exciting as well as annoying at how hard some things are getting to be. I suppose we'll see you one more time and then you'll get your girlish figure back?

Candy C. said...


Abigail said "Maaa!"

You're right, lots more fun for us! LOL!!

She is sure hoping to get her girlish figure back soon after kidding! ;-)

Unknown said...

What an adorable expression in the last shot!!!

Candy C. said...

She does look sweet! :)