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Lazy J Bar C

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Old Catch Pen

There is an old, abandoned catch pen in the cow pasture where we take our walks. It was used when this area was part of the J-Six Ranch. I love all the weathered wood and how massive this old structure is. Nowadays, they all seem to be made out of steel pipe, probably lasts longer but not nearly as picturesque! :)

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Neat piece of history there! Although I'd hate to try to catch something in there now!

Tanya Breese said...

i love all that old wood!

Teresa said...

It is very picturesque!

Candy C. said...

The cows would just laugh at it!! LOL!!

Me too!

Yes it is!

Kristina said...

Love it!

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, don't get to see many wooden ones anymore here either...

LindaG said...

No memories in steel like there is in wood.
Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

Candy C. said...


It is a shame.

I agree and you are welcome! :)

Anne Payne said...

The old wooden structures have a certain charm to them, that's for sure! Even more so when they are falling down :) Love the photos.

Mary said...

We see these all over the place -- in the same condition this one is in. They served their purpose back in the day. :

Alica said...

I'm sure the metal ones are much easier to upkeep, but those old wooden ones have much more character. I'd hate to see what a bunch of rambunctious animals would do in this one now!

Anonymous said...

Very cool fencing... i'd much rather see wood than the steel piping =)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good photos.

Regards and best wishes

gtyyup said...

I bet those ol' corrals could tell us some awesome stories from days gone by!

SweetLand Farm said...

Looks like you've been busy. love all the pics too!

Jill said...

Wonderful photos. I wish those fences could talk!

Candy C. said...

Thanks, I love all the history we have around here!

They sure did!

It wouldn't stand a chance against a bunch of ornery cows!

Candy C. said...

Me too, I really like the old wood!

Thank you! :)

Yeah, if only they could talk!

Candy C. said...

SweetLand Farm,
Always busy around here! ;-)


Brian King said...

Love all that old fencing and wood! Really nice shots, Candy!

Candy C. said...

Thank you and thanks for stopping by! :)

Michaele said...

Must have been some rowdy cattle in there. Nice photos : )

Sharon said...

Candy, I like how you have changed your blog. You have many good photos.

Unknown said...

Ooo, I'd want to take some of that wood home!!!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Beautiful! You describe that wood perfectly. I love looking at old things - thanks for the peek :)

Candy C. said...

Thank you!

Thanks, I thought it was time to spruce it up a bit!

Candy C. said...

Hmmm...hadn't thought of that, now you have given me ideas! LOL!!

You are welcome! :)

Pradeepa said...

Yes, this abandoned place is truely picturesque.

Candy C. said...

Thank you!

Nancy said...

There's something both romantic and forlorn about abandoned places like this. You can almost feel the "spirit" of the place.

Thank you for sharing!


A Colorful World said...

This is wonderful! I love these pieces of history! Well, howdy yourself Benson neighbor! Glad you stopped by to comment on my Fridays Fences! I am originally from Alabama and my husband from Virginia. We lived in Tucson years ago when my husband was in the AF...came back last May because our daughter, son-in-law and grandson live here (sil is a Tucson native). I'll be visiting you again!

Candy C. said...

Thank you for stopping by!

It's always fun to have blogging friends who live in the same area! :)