Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Update

The little tomato plants are growing nicely in my south-facing window... are the peppers and eggplant.

The snow peas are growing well in the garden, they are finally big enough that I don't have to keep them covered to prevent the birds from eating them! :) The turnips, rutabagas, spinach, lettuce and onions are all doing well too...they are still covered but it was too cold this morning to uncover them for pictures! LOL!!

I need to get some more radishes planted this week, I have harvested almost all of the current crop. Speaking of radishes, what do you all DO with all the radishes you grow?!? There are only so many salads we can eat!
I tried a new recipe for braised radishes last week and it was really, really good! :) Just halve or quarter your radishes depending on their size and then cook them in a saucepan with a little chicken stock, butter and salt and pepper until tender, about 15 to 20 minutes. Cooking them takes away most of that radishy bite. I will definitely be making this again, I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning!! LOL!! I also tried a radish sandwich for the first time the other day, thinly sliced radishes on a nice crusty bread with lots of butter and salt. YUM!!

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TexWisGirl said...

the radishes look good!

Alica said...

It looks like your garden is well on it's way! As for the radishes...we just pull them up and eat them right then and there in the garden!

Kim, USA said...

I can't wait to get home. I will make an herb garden this year and plant more flowers and vegetables. Good for you, yours are already growing.

Macro Monday

Alla said...

Your plants really look great! And your peas, too. Radishes look yummy, one of my favorite things to pull in the garden and eat.

Carolyn said...

I just yesterday had my first homegrown radish. I don't normally like them, so I figured maybe they would taste better homegrown. Still don't care for them. But since I planted a BUNCH of them (not exactly sure why), I may as well give your recipe a try and who knows, maybe I'll be a radish convert because of your recipe!

Kristi said...

We just planted our peas today in PA. Yours look great.

Tanya Breese said...

they are all coming along nicely! i like raw radishes with some lemon juice and salt!

SweetLand Farm said...

I love snow peas! I love to cook them and eat them. Not so much with other members of my family, but I do make them eat them anyways! It's good for them. The seedlings are looking healthy too!

LindaG said...

Your plants look great! Congratulations!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I wondered the same thing about what to do with radishes. We were up to our earlobes this winter with them.
Never have tried a radish sandwich...what do you put on there besides, bread and radish?


Clint Baker said...

Man, everything looks so good! I hope mine turns out as well!

Shaun said...

Excellent idea *thought to self* take photos of Rhubarb tomorrow morning.
Have a good Week

A Colorful World said...

Wow! Your garden is coming along great! I am definitely behind! I have 2 strawberry plants, three different peppers, one heirloom tomato and I am sprouting cucumbers and squash. It was so cold yesterday & today! There was snow on the Catalinas! Do you can anything. I'm planning on doing some canning this summer.

Candy C. said...


I have been doing that too! :)

Have fun with your garden!

Thank you!

Candy C. said...

Carolyn Renee,
You might just like them cooked, they are not as "radishy!"


I'll have to try that, sounds good!

SweetLand Farm,
I'm lucky that Jerry will eat just about anything! ;-)

Candy C. said...

Thank you! :)

Just lots of good butter and some salt! I think it's a European thing.

I'm sure your garden will be awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Rhubarb, YUM!!

Sounds like you have a good start on your garden! I do can and I'm hoping to do even more this year! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

I am green with envy - but around here it is brown with envy... I did see a bit of green until the goats saw it - now we are back to brown....

Unknown said...

I've never had much luck with radishes, I think the hard clay soil is tough...

Michelle said...

Everything looks great. My garden is still covered in snow.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I dehydrated some figuring I could powder them and use them for seasoning.

3rnigerians said...

Your tomato babies look wonderful. Nice true leaves, great color, not too spindly. What are you feeding them? The radishes look great too, and so do the snow pea vines. I am jealous of your earlier warm up. Thanks for inspiring us Candy.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful plants.

Regards and best wishes

Jen said...

Growin Great :)

Kristina said...

I roast radishes with carrots in the oven. I use a bit of olive oil, thyme, a bit of lemon and salt and pepper. It sweetens up the radishes and even my kids will eat them. Yum!

Candy C. said...

Those goats are certainly opportunists!

They grow like weeds in my raised beds! :)

Hopefully, that was the last blast of winter for this year!

You'll have to let us know how that works!

Candy C. said...

I haven't fed them anything yet, they are just happy I guess!

Thank you!


Roasting is going to be my next try, thanks for the info! :)

Teresa said...

All of your garden stuff looks so good. I think I made the decision that I will be buying my plants this year. Something about a house goat makes seedlings seem a bit of a stretch.

Michaele said...

I am green with jealousy! : ) how lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy C. Wonderful progress towards that oh so yummy veggie garden. I am pleased with my own progress here on the little farm (six acres) here in Cumberland County, Tennessee. My husband and I bought this little place last fall. So enjoyable. We are also getting veggies planted due to warm weather here. Have an especially nice day today!

Candy C. said...

Sweet little Myson would NEVER eat all your seedlings! ;-)

How fun to start your first garden at your new place!

Kateri said...

Gosh, your plants look so good. I finally got out and did some work in the garden today--nothing up yet though....that usually starts in Mid April (unless this crazy warm weather keeps up.) I had cooked radishes for the first time last year--like you say, they are petty good!

homegrown countrygirl said...

What great photos! I always grow way more radishes than I need (or want) because my chickens like them so much... the greens and the also the radish part. Do your chickens like them, too?

gtyyup said...

You've got a green thumb!