Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Friday, March 9, 2012

Make-Do Fencing

Here in our little corner of Arizona, fences are made using whatever material is handy. In this case, barbed wire and yucca stalks with the occasional T-post to keep it sturdy.

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dr momi said...

So interesting! I love seeing how different areas do things...different :-) I take it yucca is strong??

TexWisGirl said...

that works! and is very rustic looking!

Candy C. said...

dr momi,
Not particularly but they use a LOT of them! ;-)

I really like the look of the fences made this way!

LindaG said...

Looks just like old wood posts.
Thanks for sharing this!

It's annoying that I won't be able to see any more comments without remembering to come back to your blog post.

Oh well. have a good weekend!

Alica said...

Now that's using your resources! :) You don't see much barbed wire here anymore...but I'd bet it works!

Swamp Dog said...

I actually like the look of the wooden posts. Much better than the old rusty, ugly metal posts, and more friendly to the environment.

Teresa said...

You use what you have. I love the creativity. Some of my fences are pretty hobbled too, but I'm trying to change that. :-)

Candy C. said...

They do look like wood posts until you get up closer! You have a good weekend too!

We still use a lot of barbed wire out here in the wild-and-wooly west!

Candy C. said...

Swamp Dog,
They do all a lot more charm to an otherwise boring fence!

The ranchers around here get *really* creative with their fencing sometimes! :)

E. Beth. said...

hey, it works. can you imagine falling on that cactus ... ouch!! something you would never forget. (:

SweetLand Farm said...

Nice! BTW love the new look of your blog.

Candy C. said...

I definitely don't want to fall on that cactus! I like the way it has grown up and around the fence though!

SweetLand Farm,
Thank you! :)

Clint Baker said...

You could always tell where my Grammy had patched fence. She used bailing twine!

Tanya Breese said...

it's best to use what's handy and i like the rustic look to it!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We do much the same thing.

I like the small branches and the look they give. They also do wonders at keep EVERYBODY where they need to be~!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

oh PS...I'm so glad you've become a Non-verification Comments- blogger!

I meant to tell you that recently.

I don't get much spam-- I usually catch it before it goes up anyway.

take care-

Rose said...

I really like these shots!!! Love all the cacti, especially.

aka Jules said...

beautiful shots!!

Kathy said...

Prickly pear is a good example of a natural fence!

Candy C. said...

We use a lot of it around here too! ;-)

I like the look too!

It is rather efficient in keeping the calves in and/or out!

Candy C. said...

Thanks! :)

Thank you!

I have seen property in Tucson where they use prickly pear for a natural fence!

Nancy C said...

Now that's using what you have available. I love it! :)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good photos.

Regards and best wishes

Candy C. said...

It is pretty cool that they used what was available!

Thanks! :)

Jan n Jer said...

Very resourceful...I like that!

Michaele said...

Whatever works : ) Love the cactus.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Making do makes people become inventive!

Fence Song

Carolyn said...

Yucca stalks?? I had no idea! Guess they grow different where you guys live. Natural fencing looks beautiful and blends into the scenery better anyhow.

BTW, like the new header pics!

Candy C. said...

Jan n Jer,
It is definitely make-do!

Ya'll will be seeing more cactus this spring when it starts blooming!

It does, doesn't it?! :)

Carolyn Renee,
I like the natural look of it too!

Maria Rose said...

I love unique fences. There are certain parts of the country where you find them and they just add a bit more character!

Shaun said...

A very interesting twist on fence construction. Nice capture

A Colorful World said...

Most of my fences are photographed here in town, but I look forward to presenting more rustic ones...especially an ocotillo! There is an ocotillo from here in town but I'd love to find one on a ranch! Love these yucca spines and barbed wire. Really nice photos, too!

Candy C. said...

Maria Rosa,
We have some pretty unique fences around here! LOL!!


I loved all your fence pictures from around Tucson! I have seen some really cool ones on my travels to "the city!"

Jen said...

Whatever works... pretty cool fence

gtyyup said...

Love those fences...there are a lot of the same type up here where trees are few and far between.

Candy C. said...

The old ranchers always used what they could find, huh?!?