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Lazy J Bar C

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tails, #14

You all remember Jerry's horse, Paco. Well, even though we got the mini donkeys, Esmeralda and Mercedes, to keep him company, Jerry still felt we needed another horse for companionship for Paco.

Meet Dallas!! He is actually MY horse! :) "Hey boys, come here so I can take your pictures for my blog!"

We got Dallas this past Saturday morning, just before the nasty, windy, cold, rainy/snowy weather started on Saturday afternoon. Monday afternoon was the first time they were both out of their pens at the same time and they got along really well! Lots of running around and bucking but nothing serious! :)

"Good boy Paco!"

"Good boy Dallas!" I haven't ridden in over a year and I'm excited to get back in the saddle! I'm shooting for Thursday when the weather settles a bit more. I'm going to do some round pen work with him today and tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to give ya'll an update Thursday or Friday! LOL!!


TexWisGirl said...

such a pretty white blaze! good luck with your mr. dallas!

Alica said...

They seem to like being in the spotlight. Hope all goes well in the saddle!

Teresa said...

How exciting! It's been years since I rode, but it is something I always enjoyed.

Susan said...

Oh, I have a bad case of Horse Envy!

Susan said...

Oh, I have a bad case of Horse Envy!

Kristina said...

How handsome they are!

Carolyn said...

I'm sooooo jealous! We've been putting off training Ms. Melman (the mule) and haven't but had a handful of training exercises with her on the longe line. I really need to get cracking on her if I ever want to ride again!

Candy C. said...


Me too! LOL!!

I'm certainly looking forward to it!

Candy C. said...

Just remember how much work they are and you will feel better! ;-)

Thank you!

The ground work is sooo important! From the time I spent with Dallas today, I don't think he's had very much but he has been ridden a lot.

LindaG said...

Maybe that's why Jerry wanted another horse. So the two of you can ride together? :o)

They are both beautiful horses.

Michaele said...

A new horse - how exciting! Can't wait to see how he does for you.

Mary said...

Beautiful boys, Candy! So happy for you. Looking forward to many more photos and "tails" of you and your new friend. :)

Kateri said...

Beautiful horse!

Unknown said...

What a beauty!

homegrown countrygirl said...

Whoa... what a handsome pair!!!

Candy C. said...

Well...there was that reason too! LOL!!

Me too, he should be fine!

Thanks! :)

Candy C. said...

Thank you!

He is! :)

homgrown countrygirl,
They are good lookin' boys!

SweetLand Farm said...

Oh forget the chores and go saddle up that beautiful horse and go for a ride!!!! I would!

A Colorful World said...

Oh, how exciting! I'm so happy you have a friend for Paco. They are both beautiful horses! I didn't know what kind of animals you have, and am excited to learn about the mini donkeys too. I don't know why, but I adore donkeys! :-) Our daughter and grandson lived in a place in Texas for a very short time once and the owner of the property had a donley that would follow my barely walking grandson around. It was too cute! We took pictures and once I posted "Christopher Robin and Eyeore" about them.

Boy, you got some snow! I am jealous! :-) My daughter saw some snow fall but not for long, and we just had the little tiny hail or sleet.

Enjoy your lovely horses! I know you are happy that you will be getting back in the saddle again!

gtyyup said...

Big congrats!!! Now you two can ride together! They're both very handsome boys. You've got to be really excited...I would be!!