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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Financial Freedom

I am thankful every day for this wonderful life I have! All the critters, the garden, my little bread baking business, and especially my dear husband!

This week though, I have a really big thing to be thankful for! We paid off the house!! WAHOO!! I had an annuity mature last week and it was enough to pay off the house (with just a little left), so we cashed it in. We got the electronic funds transfer a few days ago so off Jerry went to the bank in the city and gave them a check! Our house payment wasn't huge but it will make a difference and we will be able to put more money in savings every month. Now, I won't stress if I happen to have a so-so week at the Farmer's Market. At this point, our only financial obligations are taxes, insurance, utilities and of course groceries and the critters! :).

We have become more frugal since moving to the country. It is no longer important to either of us to have the latest electronic gadget, a bigger TV, the latest fashions, etc. Since I prefer we eat "real" food and since I LOVE to cook and bake, we don't eat out very often either. We have found that we live VERY comfortably on what some would consider a modest income, mostly because we don't have any debt. We don't have any credit cards either, if we want something, we save up for it. I guess we aren't living a typical American lifestyle but it suits us just fine! ;-)

What are you doing to achieve financial freedom and live more frugally?


Teresa said...

Congratulations! What an awesome feeling! I'm working. I keep teaching so I can put extra money every month towards the principle on my farm. I'm hoping to have it paid off in 10ish years. Then I should be able to live strictly off the farm.

Alica said...

That's wonderful!! Don't feel bad at all about not living the "American Lifestyle"...we aren't either, and that's just fine! :)

Candy C. said...

Sounds like a great plan! :)

Candy C. said...

Doesn't bother me at all! ;-)

Tombstone Livestock said...

Congratulations, no mortgage payment here either.

TexWisGirl said...

hurray for you!!! nothing better than that feeling of 'no debt'. :)

Carolyn Renee said...

Congrats!! That is such a HUGE weight off your mind and your pocketbook. It's kind'a funny though; while we don't brag (or even really talk much) about having our house paid off, most people look aghast if we do tell them, because we both had modest-paying jobs (at least compared to our "peers") and they just don't understand how it could possibly be done AND we also get the "but what about the mortgage tax write-off?".

As if having a stinking piddly tax write-off makes up for all the other interest you pay and still having a mortgage. One of the dumbest reasons to have debt.

When we both were bringing home a paycheck, we SAVED! We didn't drive new cars, didn't spend $100's on eating out, didn't go on $5K vacations either. It's not rocket-science. But there are too many people watching too much tv and seeing everything "everyone else" has and feel they "deserve" the same. What a shame that people can't be happy with what they have.

Candy C. said...

Tombstone Livestock and TWG,
It is such a liberating feeling for sure!! :)

reginascottage said...

hello candy
gratulation!!!!i like your frugal life. i bake my own bread,cook each day with fresh productes(freezer products from my garden).we are debt free and live in our own house.
great blog!!!
have a wonderful day

Candy C. said...

Carolyn Renee,
That mortgage tax write off is about the silliest thing I've ever heard! Most people don't really make enough money OR pay enough interest to justify it! LOL!!
I agree, if people could be happy with what they have and not want what everyone else has, they would probably be better off! ;-)

Candy C. said...

Sounds like we both like the same things! :)

SweetLand Farm said...

Congrats on being debt free!! that's wonderful! we save and pay cash for what we want as well. then we work harder to get the things we want!

Candy C. said...

Sweetland Farm,
You are right, it makes you appreciate things more when you have to save for them! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Candy, It is really great when you get the homestead paid off. We had such a wonderful feeling, and peacefulness when we did it. I wish that I really enjoy cooking like you do! This week I decided to do better in that area, mainly by planning meals ahead of time. What is your secret? Will your hubby eat anything?

Michelle said...

CONGRATS! We are working on being debt free also I can't wait. We do have to work on our eating out.

The only true American life style is the one that works for you. And yours sounds great. Whats better then the country life!

Kateri said...

WOOT!!! Good for you! We just got approved for a 15 year morgage (we had a 30 year that we were paying off at a 15 rate--now that we have the offical 15 year one we are going to try to pay it off in 10 years.) We just moved here 2 years ago, and I am counting the years until it is paied off and I can work less and stay home more.

Candy C. said...

I wish I did better about planning meals, I usually decide that morning what is for dinner! LOL!! I am lucky in that Jerry will eat just about anything. He isn't too terribly fond of pasta dishes though, he says it all tastes like spaghetti! LOL!!

Candy C. said...

I agree, farm living is the life for me! ;-)
We used to eat out a lot too but I'm getting to be such a tightwad that I hate spending the money, $20 to $25 for LUNCH for two, come on!

Candy C. said...

Good for you guys! That will be awesome to get it paid off so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Candy! Very exciting! Every little bit helps in the finance department.

J and I live simple also. In addition, I am NOT a spendthrift and J watches the ranch money very close.

Simplicity, I love it!


nancypo said...

Good for you! Not typical = successful on another level. If more people went to a voluntary simplicity mode, they're be less stressed, could work less. My co-workers would be shocked if they knew about 1/2 my clothes I buy used, or new in thrift stores. Why not if they're in good shape, or fixable? I also buy off eBay for well made, expensive shoes, etc., about 80% off. Ditto household stuff. You just have to prioritize. I told my hubby I'd rather fix our flooring this year than take a vacation, since I have to look at the flooring every day :)

Candy C. said...

I agree, simplicity is the best!

I love your prioritizing, I would rather expand the chicken coop than take a vacation! LOL!!