Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We decided to take the week off from baking and the Farmer's Market this week to get caught up on some gardening chores and get some canning done. It is hard to be chopping and cooking and running the water bath canner when bread needs attention! Yesterday, I canned 6 pints of Sweet Garlic Dill Pickles and one pint of Pickled Jalapenos. Today, I got 5 pints of Southwest Salsa canned. A couple of weeks ago, I canned 6 pints of Spicy Pickle Relish, 6 pints of Bread and Butter Pickles and 2 pints of spicy Zucchini Relish. The cucumbers in the garden are about played out but the tomatoes are really just starting to come on with a vengeance. I am hoping to be able to put up some plain old canned tomatoes here in the next week or two. The bell peppers and jalapenos are still producing well also and I know it wouldn't hurt Jerry's feelings if I put up another batch of the Southwest Salsa! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good day pickling. I didn't do much this year. My 'pickles' usually last for 2 years as I'm about the only one who really enjoys them. I can't even get people around here to eat jam!! What a weird bunch :) I was hoping to can some tomatoes, but it's been such a hard year for tomatoes we've barely kept up with the market.


Candy C. said...

Our pickles generally last two years too! I didn't even plant any cucumbers last year! :)
I only planted enough of the big tomatoes for us this year, to heck with the market! LOL!! I have taken some of the Yellow and Red Pear tomatoes and the Sweet 100s to market though.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have enough pickles and relish to last a few years, but you never know, they might be nice as gifts or to bring as a side dish for a work luncheon. Looks like you have been really busy!

dr momi said...

You've been REALLY busy! It all looks wonderful.

MamaTea said...

Looks gorgeous! Our pickles didn't produce well this year so we're still eating off what we made last year. ;) Hope next year is a great year for all of us!

Candy C. said...

I'm thinking some of these pickles will be gifted to friends over the Holidays! :)

dr momi,
Never a dull moment, right?!?

Here's hoping EVERYONE has a great garden year next year!

Kristina said...

I know we didn't can enough relish. We are down to the last 3 pints already. They are chowing it down like crazy - even putting it on bean burritos. Thanks so much for your recipe.

Candy C. said...

You are welcome! :) The relish is one of those things I don't like to give away, we use a LOT of it too!