Lazy J Bar C

Lazy J Bar C

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ruby and Bob

Ruby and Bob are the cats. Ruby showed up about five years ago, she was very thin, her coat was scraggly and she looked like she had narrowly escaped a coyote. Of course, I fed her and, of course, she hung around! :) A few days later, the neighbors were over and said "That's our cat!" We had seen some kittens at their place but no momma cat. They had gotten Ruby and her kittens to be barn cats but Ruby disappeared and so did the kittens, one by one. I sent her home with them but the next morning she was back. Come to find out, she had had three more kittens under our porch, so she stayed. Jerry's sister ended up taking two of them, an orange tabby male and a long-haired calico female, both are beautiful cats! The other kitten was a lynx-point Siamese with six toes on each of her front feet. She was absolutely GORGEOUS, fearless, and was the most outgoing of the three and she was going to be mine. I named her Sassy (for Sasquatch). We installed a cat door in Jerry's shop for the cats to be able to come in for shelter. Before I could get Ruby to the vet to get her fixed she ended up pregnant AGAIN (thus her name, "Ruby don't take your love to town!").  I was going to have the vet take the kittens and spay her but several people said they wanted kittens. I took Sassy in for her shots and had an appointment to get her spayed and then she disappeared. We had already lost Carlos the cat to the coyotes. Anyway, Ruby had her kittens, SEVEN this time! Jerry said she had better prenatal care living with us. She was such a good mom, bringing mice and birds into Jerry's shop and teaching the kittens how to eat them. Some mornings it was a little messy in there! :) I got her spayed and we had all the kittens spoken for. When I picked her up at the vet I was told to leave her in overnight and then let her back outside. Well, I had to go to work the next day so I left her in during that day too, and the next night, and so on, and so on, and so on! LOL!! She has no desire whatsoever to go outside now, she knows a good deal when she sees it!


 In the meantime, all the kittens were picked up except Bob and his twin sister. One day, Jerry went out to start his truck and there was a horrible noise! He turned it off and opened the hood and the two kittens were in the engine compartment. The little girl was okay but Bob was in the fanbelt. Jerry turned the belt to free him and gave him kitty CPR. He had a gash over his left eye and his left back leg was hurt. Well, I couldn't send him away "defective" because the guy who was getting him wanted him for a barn cat and I didn't think he would have a chance, so he moved into the house with his mom.


They are characters, actually what cats aren't! Bob is a talker, he even answers when spoken to and comes running whenever I call him! Ruby is a lover. The end of the couch is the "Ruby spot" and whoever sits there gets Ruby snuggled up next to them, even if she has never met them before! It is disconcerting for some people! LOL!!

Little Joe

Coming soon....How Ruby and Bob's quiet, stable, boring lives get tossed on their ears!!


texwisgirl said...

they're precious! and they're lucky to have found a loving home!!

Candy C. said...

Thanks! :)