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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seed Saver Journal from Larkspur Funny Farm and Fiber Arts Studio

Grace at Larkspur Funny Farm and Fiber Arts Studio had a giveaway for some of her beautiful Seed Savers Journals a couple of weeks ago and I was one of the lucky recipients! YAY!!

She makes each journal by hand and decorates them using some of her handspun yarn, wool felted from her sheep and lots of little extras that make each one special!

There are envelopes containing plastic bags and smaller envelopes to put them in for saving different kinds of seeds. There are cards for keeping notes too. There are even some sticky notes that can be used to keep track of the seeds as you collect them!

Grace sells these beautiful journals on her blog! You can find them here: Seed Savers Journals Now For Sale and see more designs here: Win A Seed Journal. For those of us who don't spin but like to knit and crochet with handspun yarns, Grace also spins and dyes the most GORGEOUS yarns and sells them on her Etsy site, Larkspur Funny Farm And Fiber Arts Studio!!

Thanks Grace for this beautiful Seed Saver Journal! Now I need to get out there in the garden and start collecting! :)


MARARIA said...

what a beautiful seeds saver! you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

that is lovely! by the way... I'm really enjoying the bath basket I won in your giveaway, Candy. Is your milk bath recipe a secret? It is fabulous!

nancypo said...

I'm passing back the Liebster award! Enjoy! Nancy

Heidi said...

Wow Candy,
It's beautiful. Congratulations on your winnings. I like the idea of using something pretty to keep my seeds in. I use unattractive, utilitarian things to keep em now and I always have to hunt for them in Spring because they're so boring, I set them aside and lose track of them. This is a great idea.

Candy C. said...

I was really impressed with the amount of detail Grace put into this beautiful journal! I kinda hate to use it but I will because that is what it is made for! :)

Kristina said...

Those are so nice!

Susan said...

It's a work of art! I'd hate to use it, too, but what a special place to save seeds.

larkspur funny farm said...

I am so thrilled you like your Seed Journal - I put my heart into it and wish all seeds grown strong and produce great abundance. Enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog. Blessings and Be Well

Kateri said...

That is really pretty!